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The Soo Film Festival Accepting Entries Starting March 8


The Soo Film Festival is a popular event that allows movie producers from across the globe the chance to show their work. 

The festival started in 2014. Last year, with the covid pandemic, the festival was canceled. This year, organizers say they hope they have it back up, and bigger than ever.

It will be held at two places the Bayliss Library, and the Soo Theatre. Early bird entries will start being accepted on March 8.

“It’s been growing year after year and I think every year we have had more filmmakers able to make it to the festival,” said the president of the Soo Film Festival, Jason Markstrom. “You won’t see these in your mainstream, multi-plex film.  It’s going to be more personal stuff.  It might be more relatable on more levels.”

 If you want more information about how to enter a short film you made, .

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