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Northern Michigan in Focus: Live Music is Back at Workshop Brewing Co.

Something has been missing from our local establishments for a long time, but a Traverse City brewery took a chance and brought it back.

Corey Adkins spoke with Katie Lynn, the general manager at Workshop Brewing Co., to explain in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

“So important I mean, if you look at mission statement one of the things we do here is live music and supporting the local live music,” Lynn says.

Not being able to see live music in a venue in person has been hard on music lovers over the past year.

“We were just thinking how can we make this work and see people tune in to see live music again,” Lynn said. “It’s super important to us because we have local folks reaching out left and right and really just want to get on stage.”

‘We’ are the folks at Workshop Brewing Co. in Traverse City.  And with some Plexiglas, tables at 6 feet apart, professional sound, and a website called Twitch…they were able to figure it out.

Sound Engineer A.J. Scott says, “We started this and then we found out we could open up and run a little bit of music outside.  And since then it’s been just gradual.”

At first, the concerts were online only with solo musicians.

“And now we have five piece bands on our stage and week by week we’re just adding bits and pieces to make the whole thing work,” Scott says.

And now they can do 50% capacity starting this weekend and you can check out Soul Patch Friday and 1000 Watt Prophets Saturday either in person, or on Twitch. Learn more

“We are thrilled to be supporting local music and live music,” Lynn says.

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