Ludington’s Rotary Club Receives 15K Donation from House of Flavors

The Rotary Club in Ludington has received a generous $15,000 donation from House of Flavors. House Of Flavors

This donation will benefit students at risk of not graduating high school.

The money will go towards the Rotary Club’s STRIVE Program which pairs students with mentors to help motivate them finish their high school education.

Those involved with the STRIVE Program say that House of Flavors is truly paying it forward.

“They’re going to see some of these dividends. These are students that if we can get them back on track they can have a good living wage and a great set up and career for a lifetime. And that’s really what it’s all about is getting kids back to a point where they can graduate from high school,” said Steve Forsberg, Ludington High School Assistant Principal.

House of Flavors has a long history of philanthropy.

20 percent of their profits are donated each year.