Battle Over Voting Rights Ramps Up on Capitol Hill

Voting Rights Vot

The political and legal fight over election laws and the right to vote is getting more intense Wednesday.

House Democrats are pushing a plan they say would expand voting rights and establish new national standards for automatic voter registration and how elections are conducted.

Republicans say it goes too far.

In more than 40 states, Republicans are trying to change election laws with more than 250 proposals that critics say would curb at least some voter access.

In Georgia there are proposals to limit access to absentee ballots, add ID requirements, and restrict the number of weekend early voting days.

Republicans say the changes address their unsubstantiated concerns about alleged widespread election fraud.

Democrats say they would disenfranchise minority voters.

House Democrats are expected to pass the bill Wednesday with all Democratic support. But it will most likely die in the Senate where Republicans will be required to a clear a filibuster.