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Heirloom Video Book Connects Loved Ones During Pandemic And Beyond


We are living in a time when it’s become difficult to see some of our loved ones, especially grandparents or those living in nursing homes face to face.  The pandemic has created a disconnect when it comes to in-person connections that we once never questioned.

That’s why the creator and founder of the video book, Heirloom, Ashely Kenny wanted to change that.  She looked at her own connection with her grandma over the last year and realized the pandemic had created a massive divide.

“She’s 92 years old my grandma.  She just didn’t sound like her normal self.  She didn’t sound like the upbeat grandma I know, and it’s because she was in isolation,” says Kenny.

A Michigan native, Kenny now lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and children.  She wanted to stay connected with her loved ones back home, especially her grandma who was staying socially distant.

Kenny and her brother who works in the tech-world came together to create what she calls, Heirloom.   It’s a video book that can be easily mailed and makes it simple for those not up to speed with internet connections.

“People can upload videos of their loved ones and drag and drop them, put them in order and pick a cover, and we can mail video books to people that we love,” says Kenny.

To see more about Heirloom and how the video book works you can check out the Zoom interview posted above.

to order or get more details on Heirloom and if you used the promo code: 9&10NEWS, Heirloom will give $10 off for the first book order.