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Good Reads from Brilliant Books: ‘Attack of the Underwear Dragon’ by Scott Rothman

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No matter how old or how young you are, children’s books are always a joy to read.  It’s National Read Across America Day! To help us celebrate, our friend from Brilliant Books in Traverse City, Anthony Ascione shows us a ‘good read’ to enjoy with the whole family, or on your own.

Attack of the Underwear Dragon by Scott Rothman is a very cute story,” said Anthony. “It’s an entertaining read-aloud story and very silly”. The main themes of the story focus on bravery, patience, and understanding. This is what the main character, a young knight in training goes up against, including a dragon who wears underwear.

“One day, the dragon attacks the young knight’s town,” Anthony explained. “And the two come toe-to-toe as they try to find common ground”.

Overall, the book is very light-hearted, with valuable life lessons that are ideal for children.

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