TCNewTech Announces Finalists for March Event

The TCNewTech panel of judges have selected the top four ideas they feel will be the strongest to compete for a $500 prize given by DGN Advisory.

The finalists include: Valerie Obernchain, Nicholas Kristock, Michael Hyacinthe, and Britta Carlson.

Valerie Obernchain is the founder and CEO of Advanced Interactive Response Systems, or AIRS. AIRS has remote oxygen monitoring devices to monitor oxygen supply to help ensure that the right amount of oxygen is being given. AIRS has created an app that allows for data to be viewed remotely by caregivers, oxygen suppliers and family members.

Nicholas Kristock is a TED-X speaker, Socialpreneur and the CEO of Kindkatch, a mobile content capture and distribution software. The software makes collecting and sharing video content easy for organizations and engaging for recipients.

Michael Hyacinthe is a U.S. Navy Seabee veteran and is the founder of Wimee TV in Grand Rapids. Wimage, LLC  is a startup tech and digital production company that is dedicated to encouraging artistic expression in early learners through creative technology and educational resources.

Britta Carlson is a healthcare tech entrepreneur and is the CEO of Med Pros Share. Med Pros Share is the world’s only e-marketplace for licensed medical professionals to generate passive income through sharing information.

TCNewTech says all four startups will have five minutes to pitch their business to an audience of investors, city and government stakeholders, local tech professionals, media and fellow entrepreneurs during the event.

They will broadcasting the event during a Virtual Pitch Night on Tuesday, March 2nd.

To learn more about TCNewTech, click here.