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Senators Respond To Passing of Covid Stimulus Package By The House

Peters Statement 02 27 21
Moolenaar Statement 02 27 21

Senator Gary Peters and U.S. Representative John Moolenaar have released statements on the passage of President Biden’s coronavirus stimulus package.

Senator Peters applauded the passage of the package, and is pushing for a quick Senate passage.

After the vote in the House early Saturday morning, Senator Peters stated, “As we close in on the one year anniversary of this pandemic gripping out nation, it’s very clear that more action is needed to deliver urgent relief to struggling Michiganders and emerge from this public health and economic crisis.”

Senator Peters continued, “Whether it’s direct stimulus checks, ramping up vaccinations, or ensuring schools have the resources to safely re-open, the American Rescue Plan has the robust relief needed to help our state and country get through this pandemic. The vast majority of Americans – as well as mayors, governors, business leaders and economic experts from across the political spectrum – support this bill, and I will work with my Senate colleagues to swiftly pass this package and send it to the President’s desk.”

Representative John Moolenaar voted against the coronavirus relief plan Saturday morning.

“Last year, I voted for bipartisan covid relief packages that brought much needed relief to Michigan families, healthcare professionals, schools, and small businesses,” said Representative John Moolenaar. “A lot of this funding is still available and the Biden Administration is not being honest when it says it needs tonight’s bill to re-open schools.”

Representative Moolenaar continued, “There is still $59 billion in approved school aid that has not been spent and scientific research shows it’s safe to re-open classrooms and let every American student have the opportunity for in-person learning.”

Additionally, Representative Moolenaar stated, “Democrats should join Republicans in getting students back in the classroom, making vaccines available to everyone who wants one, and letting small businesses safely and fully re-open. Unfortunately, tonight they decided to pass a bill that would spend billions to bailout state governments while putting more burdens on small businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic and state-imposed restrictions. Today’s bill is not Covid Relief. It is a repeat of the failed Obama-Biden spending policies that led to the slowest economic recovery in American History.”