War Memorial Hospital Administers 53 Vaccines on Sugar Island

War Memorial Hospital is working on vaccinating as many rural areas as possible. They took to Sugar Island in the U.P. to distribute a total of 53 Moderna vaccines. 

War Memorial Hospital and other community organizations in Chippewa County are looking to distribute the vaccine to as many rural areas as they can. Since December they’ve given over 9,000 doses, vaccinating 23 percent of the county.Throughout the pandemic we’ve worked with emergency management at all levels to provide vaccinations and coordinate to get it out to anyone who wants a vaccine,” said manager of emergency preparedness with Warm Memorial Hospital, Austin Conway. 

The only way to get to Sugar Island is to use the ferry, and that makes things more difficult when it comes to using the vaccine in a timely manner. “Our time window on pulling out the vaccine is 12 hours to pull it out of the fridge and then once it’s drawn up we only have six hours to administer it so it’s a very tight timeframe,” said Conway. 

Although the clinic is on Sugar Island, anyone in Chippewa County was able to register. Roxanne Decker traveled across the St. Mary’s River so she could receive her first dose. “I was real nervous about it and looking into it more as far as the research and that behind it,” she said. “We’re trying everything we can to be healthy and to stay healthy so that’s why we decided to go ahead and get it.” 

Conway said they still have a lot of work to do. “Our goal is to vaccinate all the rural areas. WE believe War Memorial, along with our community partners, want to outreach and get to every rural area as possible.”

Those who received their vaccines on Friday will be back in four weeks.