Central Lake Man Looking to Reunite with Rapid City Man Saved from Car Fire

This week, Michigan State Police honored a northern Michigan man with their distinguished citizen award.

Now, that man is reliving what happened the day he earned that award and he is on a mission to find the man whose life he saved.

Back in August, Derek Bissell helped save a man from a burning car on the side of Morrison Road, but after leaving the site of the accident he’s wondered who the man is that he saved.

Bissell says, “I was on my way to go to one of my buildings just before I went home and I found a gentleman here. His car was on fire and I got him out before the car was fully engulfed.”

Bissell says his mind keep replaying the face of the 70 year-old Rapid City man he pulled from the flames.

“When I opened up his car drivers side door there was a blank look on his face. He didn’t know. He asked me if I could hook up a strap to him and pull him out and I said, no sir I’m getting you out of this vehicle,” said Bissell.

He says after the accident he searched for the man’s name, but had no luck.

Bissell says, “I left work and immediately went to the hospital to try to check on him but because of HIPA laws and such they couldn’t tell me anything.”

Now, months later Bissell is still determined to meet the man he saved.Aec5deb4 071f 405a Ba2e 29fff86f7445

“He’ll never remember me but I’ll never forget him and I just want to make sure he’s okay and he living well and with family,” said Bissell.

He says he’s happy knowing the man he rescued gets to live another day.

Bissell says, “If I was able to buy him a little bit more time with his family even if he remembers it or not, then I did what I set out to do.”

Bissell is still searching for the man.

If you know anything about the incident and the family that may be involved, you can send Derek Bissell an email to DBissell@riversideem.com.