State Senate Approves Billions in COVID-19 Relief

On Thursday the State Senate approved $2 billion in COVID-19 relief spending.

$110 million will be put aside for vaccine distribution.

Senator Curt VanderWall says this will help health departments fund ways to vaccinate more people.

Senator VanderWall says, “This is exactly what this money is. It’s going to give Health department some opportunities to get larger mass vaccination centers open.”

VanderWall says $20 million would go towards student mental health services.

“If we don’t have resources to address some of the mental health stress that they’ve gone through, we’re going to have young people that are affected with this for the rest of their lives,” said Senator VanderWall.

They also have approved increased pay for frontline workers.

Senator VanderWall says, “They’re in the front line. They deserve that and I’m glad it’s there and we’re going to work hard to make sure it remains there.”

Senator Wayne Schmidt says now the state needs to come up with a more detailed plan in allocating the funds.

Senator Schmidt says, “We want to make sure that those dollars are spent wisely and go to the place where they would be best spent.”

The republican senate held off on allocating billions more in available federal funding.853af09b 2e62 4f01 9934 023de809a1fa

Democrats accusing them of playing politics with the money and leaving billions on the table that could be helping Michiganders.

Both Senator VanderWall and Senator Schmidt say now they will wait to hear the plan the House will respond with.

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