Petoskey Mayor Continues 25 Year Tradition with Snow Sculpture

For 25 years Petoskey Mayor John Murphy has been building massive snowmen in his front yard, sometimes reaching 20 feet tall, but this time around he did things a little differently. 

He’s sculpted a 15-foot canoe with two passengers all made out of snow. The project took 5 hours to finish. The hats are

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Previous Snow Sculpture by Mayor John Murphy

made out of bowls with cardboard attached for the brims, and he used reflectors for the eyes. The blue water underneath is a mix of food coloring and corn starch. 

Murphy said he wanted something that people could interact with more than his previous projects. “People would stop by with their kids and take a picture in front of the snowman, but this way you can stop by, and I invite people to stop by and take a photoshop with your kids–yourself actually in the canoe because the canoe is hollowed out so you can actually get in it.” 

This is Murphy’s way of celebrating the winter season. “I do this just because it’s a great opportunity to get out, celebrate northern Michigan at its best in the winter time,” he said. “You can sit home and watch tv or you can get out and actually do something active.” 

Longtime neighbor Norm Nasson says every year Murphy tries to top himself. “Every year it had to be a little bigger and this year he came up with something else,” he said. It’s his favorite work of Murphy’s so far. “I like it. Yeah I like the variety. We’re all wondering what he’ll put together next year.” 

Murphy invites the public to come visit his snow sculpture at 911 Lockwood Ave. in Petoskey.