Frankfort High School Students Start Food Pantry for Fellow Students

Students at Frankfort High School have started a project to help their fellow students.

The student council is usually tasked with planning the school’s Snowcoming celebration this time of year.

But with COVID-19, those plans had to change and the student council took on a new task.

Sydney Miller is a senior and student council president at Frankfort High School.

She says when they were tasked with creating a Snowcoming week with a cause, they started thinking of how they could help their fellow students and a school food pantry came to mind.

“We know a lot of kids in our school struggle with not being at home, not having families to cook for them and we know they don’t have meals, they come Friday for school at lunch, they have breakfast and they don’t eat until Monday morning,” said Miller.

Frankfort High School currently has 30 students who are considered homeless or displaced.

A problem all too familiar to teacher and student council advisor Jaime Smith.

“It’s heartbreaking, right, but it’s also unfortunately the reality, to realize we have so many hurdles to get these kids actually in a space where they can learn and a grumbling stomach is one of those,” said Smith.

And they want to make this a long term project complete with cooking lessons to continue helping students struggling to find a meal.

“You want to help them, you want to be there for them, you might not even be friends with them or you could be friends with them and not even know it. It’s extremely exciting. We can do so much without even realizing it,” said Frankfort Junior Lucy Reznich.

The pantry is accepting donations of non-perishable food items.

You can also make a monetary donation by mailing a check to: Frankfort High School, 534 11th St, Frankfort, MI 49635.

Just put ‘Student Food Pantry’ on the memo line.

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