Digital Learning Day Recognizes Virtual Students and Teachers

Online learning has become a way of life this past year, and Thursday is recognized as “Digital Learning Day.”

More than a million students in Michigan became digital learners over the past year – some of them are still online and have yet to go back to class.  And for others, virtual learning is something they do every day.

Great Lakes Learning AcademyThe Great Lakes Learning Academy says many have chosen digital learning deliberately… whether it’s because students learn better that way, or because they don’t have to worry about the risk of exposure to COVID in a face-to-face school setting. Whatever the reason, digital learning day is a time to recognize the efforts of students – and teachers – who work remotely.

Dr. Sarah Parker is the Principal at Great Lakes Learning Academy. She says online schooling was “not as respected a year ago, it was a last resort for a lot of families.” But that changed when the pandemic hit. “Here we are, we were the ones educating the local school district on how to do things. Giving professional development over the summer to local districts and statewide districts on, ‘this is what we do, this is how we do it.’” Dr. Parker says GLLA has been around for eight years, so they’ve already “worked out the kinks so we could share those with the other districts that came to us.”Cybersecurity Online Tech Computer

Great Lakes Learning Academy is a public charter school for grades 6-12. It’s based in East Lansing but is open to students all across the state.