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Art Reach of Mid Michigan Executive Director to Cut, Dye, Design Hair to Raise Money

Art Reach Funder

has a pretty creative and ‘hair’ raising fundraiser going on through Sunday.

Executive director Amy Powell will cut her hair to raise money for the Mt. Pleasant non-profit.

The more money they raise, the crazier her haircut will get.

Her hair is about waist length and if they raise $10,000, she’s dying her hair purple or green, cutting it short and getting a shaved design.

“I am not a person who has had my hair colored before. I’ve never had a design shaved into the back of it so all of those things are kind of like ahhhh oh what’s gonna happen,” Amy said. “It’s really cool to see the number of people who have donated to this cause, I really feel like we’ve got an overwhelming response.”

No matter what the final look ends up being, Amy will be donating her locs to wigs for kids.

To donate,

The fundraiser ends Sunday February 28th, 2021.

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