Manistee Area Public Schools Open Child and Adolescent Health Center

The new Child and Adolescent Health Center inside of Manistee Middle and High School is a one stop shop for students and their medical needs.

Northwest Michigan Health Services practice manager, Lori Bell, says this center is meant to ease the strain on the healthcare system.

Bell says, “As you know, they’re already overloaded from the pandemic and behind. This gives the student and the parents another resource, another avenue.”

The facility is meant to mimic a doctors office inside the school.

They have fully equipped patient rooms and supplies needed for medical emergencies.

Bell says the biggest focus is on mental health.

“We will do sports physicals, immunizations, and we will collaborate with the primary care physician so we can treat them,” says Bell. “We have behavioral health here too. So mental health is huge right now especially during the pandemic. So students can come here. We have a therapist on at all times. We also have a community health worker here.”

The principal at Manistee Middle and High School says since the health center is on campus it should make navigating medical paperwork easier for parents.2da1aaa6 A4d9 4f74 B317 20c94f7d8716

Principal Andy Huber says, “Parents always want to know how they can best support their students and before we’ve been a conduit to those services and now we can be a direct link to those services.”

Principal Huber says now they can make sure every one of their students are taken care of.

“The timing of this, the need in our community has been there. It’s not going away. So, we feel very fortunate to provide this to our students,” said Principal Huber.

Manistee Area Public Schools say they expect to see students at their facility starting Monday.