Former Capitol Security Officials Blame Intelligence Failure for Riot, Homeland Security Expert Reacts

On February 23, former capitol security officials spoke at a House of Representatives hearing about the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6. They said it was an intelligence failure that allowed the breach.  

Dr. Steven Bucci is a Homeland Security expert and former Pentagon official. He watched the hearing and said part of the problem was the attack was an unprecedented event. “That then leaves a lot of judgement on the part of the Capitol Police, the D.C. Metro Police, and they guessed wrong and they did not take extraordinary steps. Again, when somethings never happened before, it’s tough to anticipate it.” 

Dr. Bucci said it’s clear the police didn’t anticipate the event, because Vice President Pence would have been nowhere near the scene. “The secret service is really persnickety about where it lets the president and Vice President go and if there’s any danger in the air, they won’t go near it. The secret service—there they were. Right in the middle of it.” 

He said security at the capitol will greatly increase when it comes to future gatherings and rallies. “They’re going to have a lot more people there than they did. I think they’ll lay out a set of rules for engagement for the capitol police to deal with this situation. There will be a lot of war gaming and after action reports that will go on to make sure they have a plan.” 

Dr. Bucci added capitol police will probably also increase the tools they have including non-lethal force.