Gaylord’s Treetops Resort Works Toward Energy Saving Improvements

Treetops Resort in Gaylord is working toward energy saving improvements all thanks to a clean energy loan. Treetops

The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy loan, or CPACE loan, will help Treetops get nearly $3 million in upgrades.

Treetops plans to make its buildings more energy efficient with better heating and cooling systems, along with energy saving lights.

In return, the resort will pay back the loan with the extra cash it saves on energy bills.

Treetops says with about 80 buildings on the property there’s a long list of improvements.

“As you can imagine the lighting the heating the cooling, the water controls, in some of these buildings are immense. So this is a large scale project that we’re embarking on, and we’ve already started, some of the work has been done, and it’s going to get real fast and furious in the next three to four months,” said Barry Owens, General Manager.

The resort hopes to have most of the work done by the time it opens for golf season.