City of Ludington Approves of New Social District in Downtown Area

The City of Ludington just approved the addition for a new social district downtown.

It will expand options for businesses and visitors.Downtown Ludington

If approved by the state, the district will include portions of South James Street.

Inside the district, bars and restaurants will be able to sell a to-go cup for alcoholic beverages.

Visitors will be able to enjoy their drinks while waiting to be seated or walking around and enjoying the downtown area.

The Ludington City Council says they are excited help restaurants while allowing people to reconnect.

“So we’re really hoping not only does it provide that kind of you know mental help for folks to be able to connect again but also it’s going to help our downtown businesses get back up on their feet a little bit quicker,” said Mitchell Foster, Ludington City Manager.

Ludington will apply for the social district with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

If approved, it would allow restaurants to apply for a special license to sell beverages to-go.