Charlevoix Downtown Development Authority Receives Award for Hoop Skirt Alley

The Charlevoix Downtown Development Authority has been given the People’s Choice Award by the Michigan Downtown Authority for their Hoop Skirt Alley. 

The alley came into being two years ago and serves as a spot for people to sit and enjoy each other’s company in the downtown area. Benches, tables and a ceiling of lights help make the once barren alleyway a nice place to relax. 

The project was led by a team of students from Charlevoix High School. Executive Director of the Charlevoix Downtown Development Authority, Lindsey Dotson said the project was a community effort. “Essentially all of the donations came from members of the community,” she said. “We had alumni classes get involved with donating the bench things. It was definitely a community project all around and it’s really easy for people to rally behind high school students who are trying to make physical improvements to their town.” 

The total cost of the project was $18,000.