Northern Michigan Commercial Fishermen Relieved at Regulation Reversal

Commercial fishermen across the state are expressing relief after the Michigan DNR reversed a decision they say could have crippled their industry.

New fishing regulations from the state were set to take effect this year, after much discussion in 2020.

They say new depth restrictions and changes to the length of the commercial fishing season were the two biggest concerns.

But the DNR has reversed course and says commercial fishermen can fish as they did in 2020.

Fishtown in Leland owns two commercial fishing licenses and says this is a big relief for both them and their fishermen.

“I know all of these commercial fishermen, and they want nothing more than to be able to get out there and catch fish, and Joel Petersen who is our captain is just like that. They are ecstatic that this year they’ll be able to head out,” said Amanda Holmes, Executive Director of the Fishtown Preservation Society.

We reached out to the DNR for comment on the decision, but have not heard back.