Michigan Propane Association Thankful for Gov. Whitmer’s Recent Executive Order

On February 20, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order declaring a state of energy emergency for the state due to recent colder temperatures across the country. It aims at ensuring adequate propane distribution throughout Michigan.

It suspends restrictions on commercial driving hours, allowing more time for them to make deliveries to both businesses and residential areas. In the order the governor said,” “While I am confident that our state has the energy supply we need to get through these cold winter days, we aren’t taking any chances after what happened in Texas.” 

Representative Jack O’Malley responded to the order saying, “We need to deal with hard times like we’re seeing now and then we need to learn from them. Michigan deserves that their government protects the affordable and reliable delivery of heat fuel to their homes, not a government that gambles with it.” 

Executive Director of The Michigan Propane Association, Derek Dalling says surrounding states have been coming to Michigan for their propane needs because of the supply from Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline. “It is a little scary to think how much bigger that emergency would be if we did not have Line 5,” he said. “It certainly is a blessing to have that pipeline delivering propane safely to our state and obviously other states recognize that as well.” 

Dalling said Governor Whitmer’s order is the right move. “We’re very grateful that the governor did this and gave us this week to catch up,” he said. “We’ve been getting through the winter just fine but this will certainly be helpful.” 

The emergency order runs until February 28th.