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Grant Me Hope: Travion

13-year-old is a very creative kid who, one day, will have his artwork on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this edition of Grant Me Hope, we get some insight into why he loves

making art, and what he is looking for in a forever family.

Travion enjoys drawing and building with Legos. He takes pride in his skill, and those who know him well – think he is an amazing artist.

Travion is talented in other areas such as playing basketball and video games. He loves riding his bike, spending time with friends, and cooking. Travion says his favorite foods are pizza and waffles. He also likes the color red and cats and dogs. When he gets a chance, Travion wants to visit Universal Studios to see the Transformers there. Travion dreams of becoming an engineer or car designer and becoming rich “so I can help people.” Perhaps there’s a wing of the Smithsonian for Travion’s philanthropy. There’s most certainly room in a forever family who would enjoy a smart and creative guy such as Travion.

Travion wants a forever family with a mom and dad. His new parents should be patient and experienced. His new forever family must be fierce advocates for the services Travion needs to thrive. Travion is eager for a forever family and prefers one who has pets. Finally, he would do best as the only or youngest child in his new family.

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