Evart Public Schools Schedule CPR, AED Training After Medical Emergency During Basketball Practice

After a scary situation, Evart Public Schools is scheduling CPR and AED training and certifications.Evart

We told you last month, a student athlete had a medical emergency during an Evart varsity boys’ basketball practice.

Crews say coaches and players sprang into action to save the boy’s life.

Since then, they raised $3,000 to host CPR and defibrillator training sessions.

Evart’s principal says it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“It wasn’t until this real situation happened that it was like ‘Oh my gosh! This could happen. It could happen again. What if Danny goes down again? What if another student goes down?’ You know, it just brought to the forefront of our minds what really can happen and that you can never truly predict and you can never truly say it’s not going to happen to me,” said Jessica Kolena, Principal.

They plan to host several certification sessions sometime in June or July.