Try Unique, Creative Flavors with Brian’s Ice Cream Experience Pint of the Month Club

Brian’s Ice Cream Experience in Charlevoix is known for their unique and sometimes wacky flavors. 132584118 3717437558373240 3125418987851511431 O

From morel mushroom to chocolate habanero, their flavors are quite special. Now they have a new program to explore even more flavors.

In January, they launched their pint of the month club.

Benefits include:

  • A Pint Per Month
  • Complimentary Birthday Pint
  • BICE T-Shirt
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free with their 5oz this Summer Season
  • Sprinkled in Perks throughout the Summer Season

To learn more about Brian’s Ice Cream Experience’s Pint of the Month club, click here.

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