Blue Ice Brings Tourists to Mackinaw City, Gives Boost to Local Businesses

Sculptures of blue ice have formed near the Mackinac Bridge. It’s bringing hundreds of people from across the state and country who want to witness the phenomenon.  

The increase if tourists is giving a boost to local businesses in Mackinaw City. “A lot of people are coming from mid-state,” said general manager of Dixie Saloon, Maria Pelaccio. “I see a lot of people from Indiana. A lot of people from Ohio are here and the snowmobilers are from all over the state.” 

Pelaccio said the increase in customers is something they needed. “It actually has been wonderful after being shut down for months and months,” she said. “To see people here not only on the weekend but actually on the week as well.” Web Img 1

Board Member of the Mackinaw City Visitor’s Bureau, Enzo Lieghio says the tourists are helping a lot of businesses who have been suffering. “This was definitely a gift,” he said. “We’ve all been suffering. Either completely closed–a lot of places have been completely closed for a long period of time and just suffering with not a lot of people traveling.” 

Marie Fitzhugh came from Charlevoix and said this was her first time coming to see the blue ice. “It’s downright gorgeous for one, and it’s just amazing,” she said. “Mother Nature does things that people don’t realize she can do.” 

One couple drove about six hours from Culver, Indiana to check out the scene. “When I first saw the blue ice I started crying,” said Kathy Conrad. “It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Yeah this is perfect. I’d definitely do it again and suggest to anybody to come up here and see this. You would not be disappointed.” 

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, the Mackinaw City Police Department is warning people to stay off the ice just past the shoreline.