NASA Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

The NASA Perseverance rover has successfully made it to Mars.

The rover traveled almost 300 million miles from Earth to reach its destination.

The rover launched into space six months ago. Now, ATLAS Space Operations in Traverse City is celebrating NASA’s victory.

ATLAS director of program management, Todd Freece, says Thursday’s landing is historic.1f4abfa0 4631 4bb8 B263 368b447b8d45

Freece says, “Now we’re reaching out and touching Mars. It’s pretty amazing that it wasn’t 50-60 years ago, just getting to the moon was a travel. Now, were dropping robots onto Mars.”

Perseverance will now spend the next two years investigating Mars’ Jezero Crater collecting samples and looking for signs of ancient microbial life.

Ideally the rover will collect samples, seal and store them, and drop them on the planet’s surface to be retrieved by a future sample return team.