GT Metro Firefighters Remind to Clear Snow Around Hydrants

As we continue through the winter season and see more snow, firefighters have a reminder for you for fire hydrants.

Img 5072They can get buried under feet of snow, making them hard to get to for firefighters.

Grand Traverse Metro Firefighters recommend clearing the snow completely from the top of the hydrant to the bottom.

They also say to leave about four to five feet around the hydrant free so firefighters can use the nozzle hookup points for water.

They say even if a fire is not near you, firefighters can still use your hydrant to get water.

“When our crews get there, and they’ve got a fire to fight, if they’ve got to spend an extra three minutes digging out a hydrant, those are precious minutes,” said Fire and Life Safety Educator Jennifer Froehlich.

Grand Traverse Metro Firefighters recommend that people “adopt” a nearby fire hydrant to remember to shovel, or “adopt” one for an elderly neighbor.

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