Lady Curlers in Sault Ste. Marie Get Creative and Continue Traditional League Despite COVID Challenges

A small group but might group of curlers in Sault Ste. Marie are determined to keep their league going even if that means getting creative.  The women normally cross the bridge into Sault Ste.Img 20210202 203907184 Marie, Canada to compete but with COVID restrictions, the border is closed to non-emergency traffic.

That’s why the women took matters into their own hands on the Michigan side and created their own curling rink right in a backyard.  It’s enabled them to keep their long-standing curling tradition going, one that goes back for generations.

It’s truly a message of keeping connections and traditions going despite obstacles we’re all enduring right now.

To see the women behind the curling league and what they’ve done to get creative and continue their tradition click on the Zoom interview posted above.


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