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Gaylord Fit Body Boot Camp Helps Local Restaurants, Community with New Program

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Times have been tough for businesses this past year, especially restaurants, and one business, who is struggling themselves, wants to make sure the community getting the support they need.

“We really sympathize and we feel what the restaurant industry is going through,” said Gaylord and Petoskey Fit Body Boot Camp co-owner Jason Mathias.

Like many other businesses during this pandemic, in both Gaylord and Petoskey also had to temporarily close their doors.

“When we first had initial closure orders back in March, we had to figure out how can we continue to serve our members too,” said Mathias.

And although they have about 40% fewer people in class, the gym says they’re thinking about everyone, but themselves.

“We thought, ‘how can we tie something in to help our partners here in the local community?’ and the best way was how can we reach out and help those local restaurants,” said Mathias.

So they started the Back2Business program.

“Anytime we have someone come in brand new to the facility, and try our 28 day jumpstart program, we’re going to take all the proceeds and profits and purchase gift cards from our local partnered restaurants,” said Mathias. “We’re going to take those gift cards and donate them to families in need.”

The gym members got to nominate their favorite restaurants. was chosen in Harbor Springs, and was chosen in Gaylord.

“We shut down, we couldn’t bring all our staff back and, some of the people, they needed help as well,” said Shawn Smalley, co-owner of Big Buck Brewery. “This is a great opportunity for us to give back to those people that need it through the pandemic, or just in general need the help.”

Help that’s coming full circle in these communities.

“We try to support them just like they’re trying to support us,” said Smalley. “I think that’s how we’ll get through this all.”