Cherryland Humane Society Creates MVP Campaign to Help Longest Animal Residents Get Adopted

Since the start of COVID-19 humane societies and animal shelters across the country have taken a major hit, especially with fewer people stopping in to adopt.  It’s the same situation that staff withBear 01 Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City are seeing with fewer animals being adopted compared to previous years.

Cherryland has created a special MVP Campaign to help their longest animal residents, some who have been with the shelter for almost a year or more get into their perfect homes.

“Can you imagine living in a shelter for two years, it’s just, it’s not fair. There’s no other way to describe that it is not fair,” says assistant shelter manager with Cherryland Humane Society, Melissa Plamondon.

Plamondon along with the entire staff at Cherryland are hosting the MVP campaign through March with their unique adoption process to pair animals with the right humans. Click on the Zoom video above to see more about the special campaign for Cherryland dogs and cats.

For details on how the adoption process works and the animals looking for homes click here.

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