House Impeachment Managers Plan to Finish Arguing Case

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The second impeachment trial of former President Trump is underway.

Trump’s legal team will get to argue their case in front of the Senate after the House impeachment managers finish presenting their case. You can watch it on 9&10 News starting around 9 a.m. or live stream it with 9&10 News Plus on the VUit app.

Wednesday, House impeachment managers showed senators video of the riot at the Capitol, some of it never before seen.

One video shows an officer running to respond and directing Sen. Mitt Romney to run for safety away from the rioters.

Other video shows former Vice President Mike Pence and his family evacuating as rioters were searching for him and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

House impeachment managers also used trump’s past tweets and words saying he was “the inciter in chief.”

They argued he fueled the riot at the capitol well before Jan. 6 in efforts to overturn the election.

Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski called the evidence presented so far pretty damning.

“I think that that the House managers are making a very strong case for a timeline that laid out very clearly, the words that were used, when he used them how he used to really build the anger, the violence that we saw here in this Capitol.”

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz called the videos horrific but says the language from former President Trump doesn’t come close to meeting the legal standard for incitement.

At least 17 Republicans would have to join the Democrats to convict the former president.