Culture, Etiquette Expert Tips on Valentine’s Day At Home, Receiving Gifts, Holiday Proposals & First Dates

Valentine’s Day can be tough every year but especially this year with COVID-19.Pexels Alleksana 6478830

Culture and etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer is giving us some tips to celebrate at home and navigate the sometimes complicated social norms that come with the holiday. Watch the video above to see our interview with her.

She also shared some of her tips here.

Here are her 4 ways to celebrate despite COVID-19:

  • Romantic Comedy movie marathon
  • Cook a romantic meal together
  • Order in advance from your favorite restaurant
  • A yummy car date with dessert and music under the stars

Ideas to celebrate with the whole family:

  • Make it a game night (unless your family is super competitive)
  • Poker night with wrapped candy or Hershey’s Kisses
  • Download a Karaoke app
  • Outdoor ice skating or roller skating
  • Walk the neighborhood
  • Bake together
  • Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt
  • Valentine’s Day crafts
  • Matching PJ’s

If you are lucky enough to get a gift this year, but aren’t thrilled with what it is, here are Sharon’s tips:

  • Look the gift giver in the eyes
  • Smile
  • Say “thank you” immediately as you receive the gift
  • A warm or enthusiastic thanks for a kindness is expected
  • Open the card first; the sentiment is more important than the gift
  • In the US, we open in front of the giver who spent time shopping
  • Express yourself verbally right then by:
  • Mentioning the specific gift
  • Paying a compliment to the gift giver, and the gift
  • Saying the gift giver’s name
  • Using the specific words “thank you”
  • Gently handle the gift
  • Avoid removing the gift from all of its packaging at that moment
  • Send a handwritten thank you note


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