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Healthy Living: The Benefits of After School Activities

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What do employers look for in recent graduates? The National Association of Colleges and employers took a survey and found out your grades aren’t the only factor they care about.  What you do outside of the classroom holds a lot more weight than you think.

From sports to something a little more cultured or cerebral, what your child does now may help them land their dream job in the future. 

“Extracurriculars can say all these other things about you that maybe your experience doesn’t,” said the director of experiential learning at Rollins College, Norah Perez.  Athletics show that you can work with a team to complete a common goal. The arts shows creativity-always a plus with employers.

“You are resilient so you can take failures and move forward,” Perez explained. “They are looking for people who can look at things outside the box”. And, holding a leadership position could be the difference between you or someone else getting the job. 

With the shift to covid guidelines, in-person extracurriculars have been nearly erased! But, there are still ways to get involved from afar. The National Speech & Debate Tournament moved online and drew more than 6,600 student competitors. 

Take a dance class in the comfort of your living space. And, if you want to volunteer your time to a global issue, become a digital advocate for the Red Cross to help behind the screen.