Traverse City Bars See High Take-Out Sales for the Super Bowl

Bars were much quieter in Traverse City for this year’s Super Bowl.

Bubba’s Burgers and Bar says customers still aren’t used to the idea of eating out again after a month’s long pause on indoor dining.

Bubba’s Manager, Melissa Krause, says, “They were calling to see if we would be open for the Super Bowl as well as to place to go orders but lot of people have been calling earlier today as well too in order to place orders and get them by 6 o’clock.”

Krause says they didn’t expect big sales from indoor dining during the big game.

“It usually picks up like 6ish and then just kind of subsides and then usually by halftime people are going home,” says Krause.

Although, they were still able to stay busy.02 07 21 Super Bowl At Bars

Krause says, “It has been quite busy with takeout orders last night. Today it’s been insane. Lots and lots of wings lots of appetizers, lots of french fries.”

Thirsty Fish Sports Grille says the current COVID restriction requiring restaurants to close by 10 p.m kept some customers away for the game.

Thirsty Fish Owner, Christina Thompson, says, “We’ve has a lot of people just asking us if we were going to stay open later than the 10 o’clock curfew because with the Super Bowl there’s no telling exactly what time it’s going to get done.”

Thompson says most are just happy to watch at least part of the game at a bar once again.

“People come in, they have dinner, they’ll enjoy the atmosphere that we have with the TV’s, sound, and the sports bar feel. But once half-time hits I’m thinking a lot of people may choose to go home at that time to get him to watch the second half,” says Thompson.

Both restaurants say they expect indoor dining business to pick up more throughout the next week.