Tom Henschel Attending His 55th Super Bowl

Tom Henschel has been in the stands for every single Super Bowl since the first one kicked off in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Back then, it was called the World Championship Game, and a ticket only cost $12.

Mtm Superbowl Club

This year Henschel’s streak was in question due to the coronavirus pandemic. In October, he received a call from the NFL saying tickets were going to be very tight this year and they weren’t sure if he would be able to go. When Henschel heard the news, he was devastated and especially because the Super Bowl is taking place in Tampa, the same place Tom lives.

But this year wasn’t the first time obstacles almost prevented Tom from keeping his streak alive. Sunday morning of Super Bowl VI, he had an allergic reaction and went to the hospital. The nurse told him that he would have to stay for 24 hours, but he wasn’t going to let being admitted to the hospital stop his Super Bowl Streak. Once the nurse left, he pulled out his IV and took off his oxygen mask.

Super Bowl XIII was another game up in the air. Henschel had recently lost his ticket connections. So his wife sent a picture of Tom with his ticket stubs and wrote a poem, “Tom Henschel is my name, football is my game, 12 are in my frame, and 13 is my aim.” Tom says the NFL must’ve taken a liking to the poem because they sent him an invoice for tickets on the 50-yard line. Henschel took his wife and parents. To this day, he says that is his favorite Super Bowl.

His streak will continue on the NFL ended up having two tickets for Tom. Each year he is offered two tickets at face value. Tom and his wife will be cheering on the Buccaneers.

Now his goal is to make it to Super Bowl LVII. But when his streak does come to an end, he says he will be OK. Henschel says it’s not about the number but knowing he accomplished something he fell in love with as a little boy, playing football and loving the game.




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