Michigan Healthcare Hero Attending Super Bowl 55

Carol St. Henry is a nurse anesthetist at Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan.

Whenever she gets a call to intubate a possible COVID-19 patient, she suits up in her PAPR. Before the coronavirus, she never heard of PAPR and now she owns one.

Mi Frontliner 2 MtmShe says it gives her chills the National Football League is recognizing healthcare workers for doing their job and she never thought in a million years she would be going to the Super Bowl.

To get her lucky and truly deserved ticket, Carol did what she thought most people would do, mail a handwritten letter to the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell. She thought it would be longshot in ever getting a response, but to her surprise, the NFL emailed her back and she was ecstatic. Carol says after she read the email she started screaming and still can’t believe she’s actually going.

A trip to the Super Bowl is a token of appreciation in her hospitals fight against the coronavirus. Carol has been a nurse for 31 years and says COVID-19 is the scariest thing she’s encountered on the job.

Even though she is the only healthcare hero attending the Super Bowl from her hospital, she says she’s most excited to represent everyone at her work.

“It’s not just the doctors, it’s not just the nurses, it’s the housekeepers, scrub techs, X-ray techs, secretaries because healthcare is a team,” Carol says.

When Carol looks back on her career as healthcare hero, she still chokes up and remains humble even though she’s getting an experience of lifetime.

Carol says when she was a little girl her grandma would walk her to the grocery to store and buy her little medical kits and since then she’s always wanted to be a nurse. Her grandma passed away when she was young due to colon cancer, but everyday serving on the frontlines she remembers her grandma and the reason she decided to be a nurse in the first .

“When I walk into every patient’s room I treat them like I would want my mom or grandmother to be treated,” Carol says.

She will be supporting red and gold as she cheers on the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl 55.


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