Members of Congress, Oil and Gas Industry Push Back Against President Biden’s Executive Orders

Biden Climate Plan Vo 40220

President Biden is laying out his agenda for climate change, but he’s getting push back from members of Congress and the oil and gas industry.

He signed a series of executive orders on Wednesday focused on improving the environment.

That includes conserving 30% of federal land and water by 2030. Doubling renewable energy production from offshore winds, and an order to freeze new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and offshore waters.

Biden says, “Our plans are ambitious, but we are America. We’re bold, we’re unwavering and the pursuit of jobs and innovation, science, and discovery. We can do this.”

Some lawmakers worry the new orders will force thousands of jobs to be lost and create a greater dependence on foreign energy.

But members of President Biden’s Climate Team say they’re creating clean energy jobs of the future.

On earth day, President Biden plans to hold a world leaders climate summit.