Hook & Hunting: Fishing Gear in Demand this Winter

Ice fishing has been extremely popular this year and fishing shops in Cadillac say the demand for fishing gear is way up.

Hh 1 28 21Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop in Cadillac says fisherman have been flocking to the area ever since ice started to cover the lakes. Because of many activities being shutdown and the fact that the Cadillac saw its lakes freeze earlier that other places, ice fishing has been a popular activity in the area.

Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop says the demand for their ice fishing gear has never been so high, even to the point they are having trouble keeping it on their shelves.

“It’s as busy as we’ve ever been. This has been our busiest season we’ve ever had,” said Christopher Knaisel, owner of Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop. “It’s been the hardest one to get merchandise you know just because of the way things are in the world with everything, it’s been very difficult to get supplies”

Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop is also hosting a speed fishing tournament on Feb. 5.

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