Vaccine Shipment Sizes: Pres. Biden Says His Administration Will Communicate Better

Federal Covid Response Sot 30160

The White House is working to ramp up the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination effort.

That includes increasing the available supply right now and in the coming weeks and months.

The Biden administration plans to buy another 200 million doses of the vaccine from Moderna and Pfizer.

Next week the federal government will start shipping 10 million vaccine doses to states. Previously, states received 8.5 million doses.

President Biden also promised to increase communication with states about how many doses are available. They will have a three-week forecast of vaccine numbers.

“Until now, we’ve had to guess how much vaccine to expect for the next week. And that’s what the governors had to do ‘how much am I getting next week? This is unacceptable,” Biden said.


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