Michigan Schools Join “Building Healthy Communities” Program

More than 340 Michigan schools are taking extra steps to help kids and their families build healthy lifestyles.Building Health Communities Bcbsm

The schools are getting grant funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, for the “Building Healthy Communities” program.

Fife Lake Elementary is one of the schools participating. The program will help educate students through classroom lessons about physical activity and healthy eating. BCBSM says the goal is to create healthier school environments, prevent childhood obesity, improve academic achievement and address mental health and well-being.

Fife Lake Elementary Teacher Nicole Mullin is excited about the program and the whole-school approach. “The most exciting thing is the kids are learning about being healthy, being more active. And having a school-wide approach to that. Everybody is learning the same thing…. (we are) hoping that it will move with them into their home life.”

Mullin says following up with parents to see if those lessons make their way home will be part of the project later this year.

The program is expected to serve more than 150,000 students in Michigan – and 74% of them are in low-income or under-resourced communities.

Learn more about “Building Healthy Communities” here, or check out their Fact Sheet.