Cadillac Family Moves Into Habitat for Humanity Home

Lisa Inscho has been spending the better part of almost two years preparing for the day she and her children would be able to move into their new home.

On Wednesday, the Wexford-Osceola Habitat for Humanity Director, Amy Gibbs, present the family with their very own set of keys.

“This is a pivotal point where we’re creating a legacy for the family. Not just for today and a home, but for generations to come we’re hoping to change the trajectory of their family,” says Gibbs.

Their home was supposed to be finished in 2020 but COVID brought construction to a stop, making the family wait even longer to move in.

Gibbs says, “Over time lack of materials coming in on time, or subcontractors that are so busy right now. We ended up being a couple months behind. But it’s still all good, it’s a great day.”

This project was so important to the community that they closed the Habitat for Humanity store front so all of the employees would be able to welcome the family home.

Gibbs says, “I wanted everyone in the restore who works so hard because all of the profits from the restore come to building houses and doing a brush with kindness.”

Lisa Inscho says she’s blown away by the amount of support.28563226 37e7 4bc6 993c 61658253b65b

Lisa says, “Just to know that there are people out there that care and that’s just awesome.”

She says she’s already thinking about the memories she and her family will make at their new home.