‘Jump with Jill’ Registered Dietician, Jill Jayne Creates Nutrition Lesson Plans for Kids

Getting kids to understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables can be tough.  That’s why registered dietician and host of ‘Jump with Jill’ an educational show for kids, is now reaching20191125 Jump With Jill Sign Scaled out through lesson plans for classrooms and at-home learning.

Jill Jayne from Pittsburg wants to make learning fun for kids, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Realizing that large scale audiences for her musical shows wouldn’t be able to happen this year, Jayne set out to create FREE lesson plans for teachers and parents to help teach kids about healthy eating.

For more details about the educational lesson plans and to hear from Jill Jayne check out the Zoom interview post above.

For information about ‘Jump with Jill’ and more about the creator and registered dietician, Jill Jayne click here. 


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