Evart Varsity Boys Basketball Team Saves Teammates Life

‘We ran three sprints and then after the third sprint is when Danny went to the floor.’

The Evart Varsity Boys Basketball Team worked together to save a teammates life.

During practice last week, one of the star senior players suffered a medical emergency, that’s when the coach and teammates stepped into action.

“Danny was one of the best athletes in whatever he did,” says head coach Kris Morgan.

Brayden Cass is a senior on Evart’s Varsity Boys Basketball Team. He says his teammate Danny Witbeck is known for being one of the fastest players on the court.

“When games came down to someone bringing the ball down the court, usually the ball’s going to be in Danny’s hands,” says Cass.

Coach Morgan says they started practice as usual last Friday, lining up on the court for sprints… Something he says is usually a walk in the park for Witbeck.

“Danny was finishing 16 seconds, 16 seconds down and back, down and back, he actually looked over to coach Anderson, my assistant coach and said, coach I can do this all day,” says Coach Morgan.

Until the third sprint, when Witbeck fell to his knees.

“When I got over to him and started talking to him, it didn’t take me long to figure out that something was going wrong with him,” says Morgan.

Witbeck went into cardiac arrest. That’s when Coach Morgan and his assistant coach Kevin Anderson checked his pulse and started CPR.

Meanwhile, the team ran to get the AED.

Morgan says, “The AED was already hooked on to him, the pads were on him and it was analyzing him, right then and after that analyzing, it said shock required and then it shocked him.”

“It was pretty emotional; I could tell you that,” says Cass.

The team was able to revitalize Witbeck even before first responders arrived. They took him to a downstate hospital, where doctors say Witbeck’s team saved his life.

“He said that if we didn’t do what we did, we would be talking about Danny’s funeral instead of his recovery, and that just hit home,” says Morgan.

On Monday night the team welcomed Witbeck out of the hospital.

“We were down to see him as he was being wheeled out of the hospital and we all got out hugs and it was great ending.

And cheer Witbeck on for his long road to recovery.

“We’re going to be thinking of Danny all season, he was a big part of the team and somebody that you can’t really replace,” says Cass.