Kalkaska Downtown Project Finishes Community Kitchen, Expect to Open Late Spring, Early Summer

The downtown redevelopment project in Kalkaska has been moving along quickly.

Img 4906They recently just finished a big portion of the project, the pavilion and community kitchen.

“I think it really brings a new facelift to our community, especially for our businesses right here,” said Village Trustee, Bobby Bishop.

The duo-purpose building has a few more finishing touches.

“The final finish is going on the floor, and just a couple things to wrap up in the spring as far as landscaping goes,” said Village President Harley Wales. “It’s the last thing we need to finish in the whole square.”

The main focal point in the building is the state-of-the-art kitchen.

“It’s got the fast food service window, very nice high end appliances, refrigeration, freezer, wash unit, a grill, an oven,” said Wales. “Pretty much everything you would need to either service a festival or event here.”

This downtown redevelopment project took four years to complete.

“This was the old lumberyard, and then that was bought and taken over,” said Wales. “And then this design was created, and then of course the grant funding was a huge portion of making this happen so that takes quite a bit of time, and then construction has been underway for about a year.”

Wales hopes the pavilion will be the general spot for downtown events and festivals. The Village is still deciding what to do in the space.

“We don’t know what the scope will be yet,” said Wale. “We certainly don’t want to compete with any commercial places in town we don’t want to hurt anyone else’s business.”

Bishop says he’s talked to several people about the project, and they are excited for what’s to come.

“I think it’s going to be more of a place for people to not just stop and get a picture with the trout,” he said. “I think now it’s going to draw more attention and get people to stop and take advantage of our businesses and our restaurants.”

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