Grant Me Hope: K’ymari

K’ymari is one cool kid, who loves playing video games and wants to grow up to be a police officer. He is currently looking for a forever family to help him reach his dreams. We learned more about him in this Grant me Hope.

According to one of the people who know him, “K’ymari is a polite, intuitive boy who has a strong sense of right and wrong.” He thrives on positive attention and enjoys spending time with adults. K’ymari describes himself as smart, funny, and kind.

A forever family for K’ymari could consist of one or two parents, but his new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma-informed. A forever family for K’ymari needs to be patient and committed to helping him. K’ymari’s new forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will help him function at his best. Finally, his parents must be willing to let K’ymari maintain his sibling relationships.

To learn more about K’ymari, and the adoption process, click here.

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