UPDATE: Downtown Harbor Springs Bomb Threat Resolved Without Incident

UPDATE: CCE Central Dispatch says the threat in downtown Harbor Springs has been resolved without incident.

The shelter in place and evacuation have been lifted.

Police say that everyone may resume to normal activity.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Harbor Springs Police Department at 231-526-6211.


At around 2:30 p.m. the Harbor Springs Police Department received a call from someone claiming to have put a bomb in the middle of the downtown area.

Those within a 2 mile radius were evacuated and state troopers sealed access to the area.

Harbor Springs Schools were locked down, but students were eventually allowed to leave.

Police Chief Kyle Knight says no on eis in danger and a bomb squad is on the way to check out the situation.

“We’re basically in a shelter in place. We have the downtown area blocked we are just waiting for the Michigan State Bomb Squad to get here to check out the area where he stated it was,” said Police Chief Knight.

Chief Knight says he isn’t sure if the caller was ever in the area and if he was, he is not there anymore.