Local Businesses Donate to Cherryland Humane Society Fundraiser

A few weeks ago a Traverse City couple donated their time and photography skills in order to get Cherryland Humane Society pets adopted.

Since then, Charrisa O’Maley has reached out to multiple businesses in the area in order to create a fundraiser for the shelter.

So far they have worked with businesses like West Bay Handmade and Way of Knife EDC Gear House.

They have received so many gifts to donate that they’re now holding a raffle.

Charrisa O’Maley says, “Within a week we had over $3,000 in prizes from over 70 businesses and local vendors that wanted to get on board and help us bring in funds for Cherryland.”01 24 21 Cherryland Fundraiser Donations

O’Maley is working with Cherryland in order to secure the permits needed to hold the raffle and say they’re still looking for more businesses to participate.

If you are interested in donating you can contact Charrisa O’Maley at: discovertraversecity@gmail.com