Women’s March TC Cancels Annual March, Replaces with Donation Drive

The Women’s March TC organization took to the drawing board to figure out how they would spread they message after cancelling their annual women’s march.

“We feel horrible that we can’t do it this year but because of COVID,” said Organizer Monica Evans. “We knew I would be irresponsible to have thousands of people come out and gather.”

She says they reached out to the Grace Episcopal Church in Traverse City.

The group was able to put together a donation drive-thru for clothes and food to be donated to the church’s food pantry and Jubilee House.

“People are donating brand new coats and hats and mittens and toothbrushes and socks and food,” says Evans. “And it’s just amazing what people donate just because they’re concerned.”01 24 21 Womens March Tc Donations

They even had people arriving early to drop off canned goods and toiletries.

“We’ve always had a strong community, a strong giving community in and around Traverse City. So, we’re not surprised that people were really excited to get out here. That 45 minutes before the event started we had lots and lots of people come,” said Co-Organizer Sara Potter.

Priest of Grace Episcopal Church, James Perra, says he’s blown away by the amount of community participation.

“I cannot think of a better way for the Women’s march to sort of put their actions where their views and proclamations have always been and I am just so full of gratitude to have them here and doing this,” said Perra.

Women’s March TC says the next issue they want to focus on in the community are immigration and climate change.