Musicians Prepare for Reopening of Bars and Restaurants

When indoor dining shut down, many musicians had to put their careers on hold—that includes Larz Cabot, a musician from Traverse City.

Larz says, “When the shutdown came, things moved inside at first and I was able to do some shows inside but once we shut everything down, that all dried up.”

But with Friday’s announcement of restaurants and bars reopening Cabot already started booking shows.

“Having music is really a Traverse City tradition. The whole tip of the mitt here, it’s a place that’s really warm and welcoming for musicians and I think it’s something that people are excited about being involved with again,” says Larz.

Even though many musicians have taken to Facebook and other places to live stream their music—they say its just not the same energy as playing for a crowd.

Larz says, “Certainly I’ve done some live streaming and that’s one way to reach people but it’s nothing like playing in front of people and getting that crowd reaction.”

Austen Reno, a musician from the Mount Pleasant area, thinks the music industry may take awhile to bounce back.

Reno says, “It’ll be nice when live shows can happen again. I don’t think it’s going to be like relatively soon. I don’t really think it’s going to be this year.”

He says safety is still a priority.908d6e27 C60a 4098 84f9 A02fcf1e5e33

 “Obviously everybody has been chomping at the bit to perform again and to do live shows and to tour but nobody wants to put anybody at risk or make anybody sick or hurt anybody,” Reno says.

Both musicians say they hope to be able to perform for live crowds soon.

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